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Herb Collection No: 42 / 400 - 900 Grams

Pure Pippali Powder from Kerala – Tippali, Indian Long Pepper

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Piper Longum

There are only a few herbal remedies in Ayurveda without Pippali. Pippali (Pipli) is a universal herb used for everything from respiratory ailments to hair care remedies.

Pippali is used to make all kinds of Ayurvedic proprietary medicines from Kashayas to Churna and Asavas. Pippali is also the most used herb as a home remedy.

The best Pippali is grown in Kerala. We dry and it to you without losing its quality and goodness.


₹ 180 / 100 Grams

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→ Pippali is a healing and culinary herb, consumed throughout Asia. Like Every Pepper family plant, Pippali contains Piperine, a great oleoresin you can find nowhere else. Piperine is a significant healing substance and is consumed internally for acute health situations like regulation of Insulin in blood, anti-inflammatory actions, and enhancement of hepatic steatosis.

→ For respiratory disorders and discomforts, Pipli is a handy home remedy. Pippali is considered a natural expectorant and bronchodilator. For cough, you can consume Pippali directly or as a decoction.

→ For comfortable breathing and pollution-related respiratory diseases, Pippali is a very good detox herb. It will purify breath and blood. In Ayurveda, PIppali is used even for chronic asthma and bronchitis.

→ Pippali possesses great blood purifying properties. Its essential oils are very pungent and great medicine.

Three ways to recognize best Pippali

→ 1. Piperine Content: Normally great Pippali contains 2-4% Piperine content. Just taste the dried Pipli, and if it is very hot and pungent, it holds a great amount of Piperine. In Kerala, our farmers grow ‘Cheema thippali’ means Pippali from abroad, and the variety ‘Viswam’ is developed by Kerala Agricultural University. Oleoresins and essential oil yields in this variety are far better than Indonesian and Philippine Pippali.

→ 2. Quantity of Alkaloids and Bioactive Agents: Piperidine alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, and antioxidants have a vital role in Pippali’s heating efficiency. Well-grown and dried Pippali will have great amounts of antioxidants to help improve immunity and reproductive potentials. Break a dried Pipli fruit and watch the color of the inner flesh. If it is golden brown, it is great Pippali.

→ 3. Food Grade Quality: Pippali is a commonly used oral herb and the culinary taste is very important. When you eat Pippali fruit with some Jaggery, both must taste sweet, not hot.

→ 1. We never approach middlemen and wholesale herb markets to collect our fine Pippali. Try Our Herbs collected Pipali from farmers. For the past decade, so many farmers in Kerala have been cultivating Pippali, because of its great weather adaptability and profit.

→ 2. We collect Pippali according to the demand and supply cycle. We never do seasonal cheap price collecting and warehousing. We never predate our farmers.

→ 3. Our Pippali drying process is unique. Farmers dry the herb on their own smokehouses and preserve it without fungus and moisture.

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Our Signature Recipe with Pippali

Pippali Locally Sourced from Palakkad – Kerala

Home Remedies with Pippali

Pippali for Respiratory Discomforts: A decoction and/or Pippali steam may help you on this. Pippali’s strong anti-inflammatory properties will comfort you for smooth breath.

→ Usage: To make a decoction, take 50 grams of Pipli with 50 grams of jaggery and four cardamoms. Boil all in two liters of water and reduce water to 500 ml.

For steam, take 30 grams of Pipli and grind it well to get a fine powder. Boil it with one liter of water and feel the steam.

Pippali for Cough: Pippali with Talisa Patra is great for cough and cold. Pippali decoction with Ginger and honey is also a great alternative.

→ Usage: For Pippali and Talisa Patra decoction, take 50 grams each and 100 grams of Palm sugar. Boil all with 1.5 liters of water and reduce the water quantity by 1\4.

For Pippali Ginger decoction, take 50 grams each and boil it with one liter of water and reduce the water to 250 ml. In lukewarm condition, add a tablespoon of honey and consume.

Pippali for Detox: Pippali Tea and Pippali candy are two great home remedies to detox the body and purify the blood.

→ Usage: For Pippali tea, mix 50 grams of Organic Green Tea with 100 grams of Pippali. Store it in a glass jar. Every morning take tea with palm sugar or honey.

For Pippali candy, Cook 100 grams of Pippali powder with 250 grams of Palm Sugar, 10 grams of corn starch, 10 grams of cardamom, and 20 grams of white/black sesame seeds. After perfectly cooked, let it cool. After cooling cut it to candy size and store it in a glass or ceramic jar.

Pippali for Constipation: Pippali Powder with hot water is a great option to get bowel movements. The anti-microbial activity of Pippali is great to reduce bad worms and stomach infections.

→ Usage: Daily mornings, take 10 grams of Pippali powder with hot water.

Pippali for Happy Stomach: Chew one or two Pippali twice a day after meals. (Pippali is hot and slightly acidic. Avoid if you have gastrointestinal disorders). Using Pippali for salad dressing is another great way to get a happy stomach.

→ Usage: For Salad dressing, Steam boil vegetables, sprinkle Pippali and salt into it, and consume.

Pippali for Hair: Pippali Keram hair oil is a wonderful scalp cleansing and hair growth-promoting oil.

→ Usage: For Pippali Keram, Boil 200 grams of Pippali with one liter of coconut oil. After perfectly cooked, turn off the fire and filter out the oil.

Pippali for Skin: Pippali essential oil is good for the skin to reduce black spots and acne-prone skin pigments. Use Pippali essential oil before bed to get glow skin.

→ Usage: Distill 200 grams of crushed Pippali using the flower distillation method.

Other Uses

Culinary Uses of Pippali: A medicinal alternative to common Black Pepper.
Wound Healing: Pippali has great wound healing properties. Can apply directly on wounds as an antiseptic alternative.
For Insect Bite: It will reduce bacterial actions on insect bite wounds.
For Urinary Infections: Normal drinking water flavored with Pippali is good for urinary infections.
For Fever: Can consume with warm water, or as a decoction for common cold and fever.
For Massage Oil: Good for couple massage and male genital massaging for erectile dysfunctions.

How to Use

Usage Alerts of Pippali: 1. Not advisable for children below 10 years old, and women during pregnancy.

2. Always consume more water with Pippali, because of its diuretic properties.

3. If you are undergoing medication, consult a physician before consumption.

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Why Our Herbs are better?

◐ We, tryourherbs.com is a small batch herb collection company, and have no intensive farming and large Warehouses.  But we collect the best herbs in the Nation from all over Kerala and Southern Western Ghats parts of India. Our herb collectors collect the herbs early morning and dry it the same day it is harvested. Thus we ensure the herb power is locked in.

◐ We never test anything on animals and do sustainable plant marking to ensure the tree health and quality of habitat.

◐ We regulated our supply of herbs through authorized sources and ensure it is legally sourced according to the forest and wildlife acts.

ethical plant resourcing

◑ Our Plant Picking People are our Prime Asset and Investment.

◑ These Tribal People are Wise, They Know How to Pick a Plant Part for Medicine.

◑ They Never Destroy the full Plant. They Took Only What They Need. 

Drying the Herb Takes All

◒ We Never Air Dry the Herbs.

◒ Plant Pickers Dry the Herbs on Hot Rocks of Western Ghats Valley.

◒ We Never Dump Herbs in Dusty, Mouldy Warehouses. We Dry Herbs According to Demand.

Our Signature Recipe with Pippali

Hot Pippali
I got the hottest Pippali from you. It was rich in oil and the aroma was great. Really appreciate your efforts.
Umesh Patel, Ahmedabad
Verified Buyer

Perfectly Dried
I bought Pippali from two vendors earlier. They were overdried and had fungus all over. But try our herb’s Pippali was perfectly dried and essential oil quantity was good. Thank you.
Aadya Gangaram, Kolkata
Verified Buyer

Pippali for Hair
You have to specify more uses of Pippali for hair fall problems.
Shivanagar Sahni, Delhi
Verified Buyer

Customer Care is Awesome
I take your online herbs consultation and was a great experience. The guy was super helpful. Will buy more from you.
Shisham Dasari, Mumbai
Verified Buyer

Culinary Gold
Your Pippali is great in the kitchen. I used it for regular tea and its detox properties are very effective. Thank you.
Maneesha Bannur, Bangalore
Verified Buyer

Gives me Fine Powder
You Pippali gives me great powder. Because it is Super dried and rich in oil content. Will return to your store.
Deepa Prabhjot, Bhopal
Verified Buyer

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Pack Contains 400 / 900 Grams of Pippali Powder. You Feel the Color and Exhale the Aroma. Divine..!

Like Every Herbs in Nature, these herbs May or Mayn’t Work on Your Skin. It Depends So Many Things. Your Diet, Lifestyle, Attitude… so on… Mother Earth Never Cure in a Day. It’s a Lifelong Process. The Only Thing We can Do is… TRUST… 

Yes. Your Skin Type Doesn’t Matter. Your Attitude Matter. 

According to various studies, There is none or least Known Side Effects of Using this herb. If you have any doubts on usage, WhatsApp us on +91 9747709272.

Being Nature is a Choice. You can Decide It. Once You Attain Your Beauty Goal, You can Go for Your Regular Creams and Toners, Or else Continue With the Magic of the herb.  

If you need to know other usages of this herb, please send a WhatsApp message to +91 9747709272. We are happy to help.  

Not Advisable for Children Under 9 Years Old. It’s a Unisex herb.

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Herb Collection No: 42 / 400 - 900 Grams

Pure Pippali Powder from Kerala – Tippali, Indian Long Pepper

33 Offline Reviews | ✦✦✦✦✧


₹ 180 / 100 Grams

With Free Delivery


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