Why Our Price is Better

◐ ‘Try our herbs’ sourced all herbs locally. Not farmed but collected from the wilderness. We Buy herbs from plant pickers directly according to demand and avoid agents and super stockists. 

◐  We only pick our herbs according to demand. That’s a strong point. With this, tryourherbs.com always keeps its pricing fair.  According to seasons and weather, we arrange the availability of a particular herb. This helps us to maintain prices steady and sustainable. Besides that, dusty warehouses will devastate all the goodness of herbs. So we always avoid that kind of selling practice. 

◐ As you know, ‘Try our herbs’ is a small batch cottage industry based in Kerala, we never use any kind of preservatives in herbs. No manufacturing practice is involved. If no manufacturing and cold storage, less price, good quality.

ethical plant resourcing

◑ Our plant-picking people are our prime asset and investment.

◑ These tribal people are wise, they know how to pick a plant part for medicine.

◑ They never destroy the full plant. Plant pickers took only what they need.

Drying the Herb Takes All

◒ We never air-dry the herbs.

◒ Plant pickers dry the herbs on the hot rocks of Western Ghats Valley.


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