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Herb Collection No: 19 / 400 - 900 Grams

Pure Giloy Stem Powder from Kerala – Guduchi, Amrutha Balli, Tippa Teega

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Giloy (Guduchi) is a multi-use herb, and its most common uses are against diabetes, allergy, arthritis, and skin diseases. It is proved that Giloy may improve your immunity and Liver health. In some countries, Giloy is used as an anti-periodic herb to prevent some kind of infection.

We sell antioxidant-rich, high essential oil yield Giloy from Kerala. Giloy is also known as Gulbel, Amrutha Balli, Tippa Teega, Indian Tinospora, Aamoi lota, Amara Lota, Gulancha, Galo, Chinnaruha, Gulunch, Gurch, Pittaghni, Jivanti, Jivantika, Somavalli, Tiktaparvan, Amritaballi, and Chittamrutham.


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1. Giloy may boost phagocytic activity and help to attain better immunity against certain pathogens.

2. Giloy may prevent hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and regulate metabolic actions. Giloy is considered a diabetic herb from the Vedic ages.

3. Free radical scavenging properties of Giloy may help it to fight against allergic foreign substances in the body.

4. In folk medicine, Giloy is used as a natural alternative for rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Giloy may protect the stomach from microbial infections.

6. Giloy will detox the liver and curb alcohol-induced liver damages.

7. Giloy may strengthen your bone health and prevent aging effects.

8. Giloy is a great herb for skin diseases. It is a prime herb to cure pigmentation and sin acne.

and hundreds of other benefits.

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Our Signature Recipe with Giloy

Giloy Locally Sourced from Idukki – Kerala

How to Recognize Original Giloy?

Three common methods to recognize original Giloy is

1. ‘Smell and Taste’ to Know the Purity of Our Giloy: Its smell is the easiest way to identify the best Giloy variety. The best Giloy has a subtle aroma that does not look aged and overdried. Take some Giloy and chew it. If it feels a little bitter and oily, it will be well grown and perfectly dried Giloy. Our Giloy is rich in essential oil. The essential oil yield of our Giloy for Kerala is around .39 mg to 4.2 mg per ounce water distillation solution. That is well beyond National standards.

2. ‘Burn’ to Feel the Content of Antioxidants in Our Giloy: Take a Giloy piece and burn it in mild flame. If it takes a long time to ignite and burn in a golden yellow flame, it will be an antioxidant-rich Giloy. Overtired Giloy will burn to ashes quickly. The anti-oxidants contained in Giloy are the cause of snorting and yellow flame when burned. To ensure quality, take our Giloy and burn it. You will feel the difference. Antioxidants in our Giloy are varied from 0.29 to 0.44 mimols/100 gms in a broad range. We are competing with global standards.

3. ‘Physical Standards’ of Our Giloy: Freshly harvested and dried Giloy will be a brown tinge in color. Poorly grown Giloy will crumble when it took in hand. Physical dimensions are another way to recognize pure and original Giloy. Our Giloy has a circumference of 25 mm to 65 mm approximately with very thin skin.

Common Preparations with Giloy

In Herbalism and Ayurveda, the most known Giloy preparations are

1. Giloy tablets → To Detox and as an Immunity Booster → Grind Giloy to make a fine powder and make a paste with Amla juice. Roll them into pills form.

2. Giloy Churna → For Diabetic Diet and Immunity → Grind Giloy to make a fine powder and keep it in a glass or ceramic jar. Consume every morning with warm water.

3. Giloy medicated water → For Energy and remove toxins from the stomach → Grind Giloy to make a fine powder and keep it in a glass or ceramic jar. Every morning take a spoonful of Giloy powder and boil it with 1.5 liters of water. Dring throughout the day 6-9 times.

4. Giloy Tea → To detox Liver and Kidneys → Crush Giloy and mix it with Green tea and make your regular tea with it.

5. Giloy Steam → To Detox and Glow Skin → Crush some Giloy and boil it with 500 ml of water and take steam for 5-9 minutes.

6. Giloy Decoction → For Immunity and Bone Health → Boil 200 grams of Giloy with 100 grams of Palm sugar and 50 grams of Cinnamon in 1.5 liters of water. Reduce the water content 1/4 and keep it inside the refrigerator in an airtight jar. Consume a spoonful daily morning.

7. Giloy Hair Oil → For Hair Growth → Boil 300 grams of Giloy in a liter of Olive oil and after 15-20 minutes of boiling, turn off the heat. Filter out the oil in lukewarm condition.

8. Giloy Skin Paste → For Skin Acne → Grind Giloy to make a fine powder and keep it in a glass or ceramic jar. Every night before bed, take a spoonful of Giloy powder and make a paste with Aloe Vera Gel. Apply it on facial skin and wash it off after 10 minutes.

In Folk Medicine, the most known Giloy preparations are,

1. Giloy Body oil → For body pain → Boil 300 grams of Giloy and 100 grams of Brahmi with one liter of sesame oil. After 15-20 minutes of boiling, filter out the oil and keep it in a glass or ceramic jar.

2. Giloy-Gokshura Churna → For Libido → Grind 200 grams of Giloy with 100 grams of Gkshura to make a fine powder and keep it in a glass or ceramic jar. Consume a spoonful every night.

Why Our Giloy is Extraordinary?

Our Giloy is Rich in Bioactive Contents → Giloin, Tinosporide terpenoids, Tinosporine alkaloids, steroids like Giloinsterol and sitosterols are the main bioactive agents found in Giloy. The challenge is to harvest and dry the best Giloy and deliver it to consumers without losing the goodness of the herb. Our Giloy grows on hilly slopes with an excellent hybrid climate. It gets consistent daytime temperature and sunshine all year round.

Our Giloy has Great Antioxidant Content → Giloy contains a total of 13 types of antioxidants, flavonoids, and secondary metabolites. Preserving antioxidants in the dried herb is a difficult task. We accepted the challenge and follow sustainable and organic ways to cultivate, harvest, and dry Giloy. Hilly weather is essential for great antioxidant quality. We never promote seasonal intense harvesting but collect as per demand.

Our Giloy Essential Oil yield is the Best in Class → Essential oil yield of our Giloy is exceptional. Harvested Giloy needs 16 hours of tropical sunlight for better essential oil content. We dry Giloy for 16 hours in open fields and store it in traditional storage facilities to avoid external moisture. Thus, we keep essential oil locked in the herb itself. ‘Try Our Herbs’ ensure an oil yield of .39-4.2 mg/100 mg in mechanical expression and distillation methods.

You can Make the Best Giloy Powder → When you make a fine powder with our Giloy, you can feel the thickness and oil content itself. Powder with our Giloy will have a moisture content of 35 to 55 percent by weight. Will contain dietary fiber 7-9% of dietary fiber. All the goodness of Giloy with lipids, sugars, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins are locked inside the powder.

We follow unique Giloy Cultivation and Harvesting → Harvesting and slicing of Giloy stem need special talents. Determining plant age is crucial. Our Giloy collectors always protect the tree trunk and slice secondary branches after inspecting the juicy contents in the plant. Slice Giloy stem at the field and dry instantly. Drying is done immediately so that the quality of the bioactive agents inside the skin and stem is not lost.

Our Giloy is Perfectly Dried → We follow a unique flavor-locked herb drying process. Our farmers in Kerala always dry Giloy, the same day and same sunlight it harvested. Never dump Giloy at intense smokehouses and dryers. Drying in High range misty valley sunshine and minerals in hilly soils give our Giloy (Guduchi) more oils, saponins, flavonoids, and bioactive agents.

Usage Alert

1. Always use with the consultation of an Ayurvedic physician. Not advisable for children below 7 years and for women during pregnancy.

2. The shelf life of the herb in raw form is 9 months, and in powder form in 7 months.

3. If you are undergoing any kind of medication, consult a physician before consumption.

4. keep out from the reach of the children.

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Why Our Herbs are better?

◐ We, tryourherbs.com is a small batch herb collection company, and have no intensive farming and large Warehouses.  But we collect the best herbs in the Nation from all over Kerala and Southern Western Ghats parts of India. Our herb collectors collect the herbs early morning and dry it the same day it is harvested. Thus we ensure the herb power is locked in.

◐ We never test anything on animals and do sustainable plant marking to ensure the tree health and quality of habitat.

◐ We regulated our supply of herbs through authorized sources and ensure it is legally sourced according to the forest and wildlife acts.

ethical plant resourcing

◑ Our Plant Picking People are our Prime Asset and Investment.

◑ These Tribal People are Wise, They Know How to Pick a Plant Part for Medicine.

◑ They Never Destroy the full Plant. They Took Only What They Need. 

Drying the Herb Takes All

◒ We Never Air Dry the Herbs.

◒ Plant Pickers Dry the Herbs on Hot Rocks of Western Ghats Valley.

◒ We Never Dump Herbs in Dusty, Mouldy Warehouses. We Dry Herbs According to Demand.

Our Signature Recipe with Giloy

Pure and Result Giving
I have been using Guduchi for a long time. Most of the time I bought it from online stores. I bought Guduchi from you last month. Your Guduchi has excellent quality and good efficacy. Congratulations.
Sidharth Johri, Chennai
Verified Buyer

Thank you for After Sales Service
After buying Guduchi I had many doubts about its use and preparation. Your after-sales department and consultancy considered them sympathetically and cleared up my doubts. Thank you for providing excellent herbs and good after-sales service.
Deepika Kaur, Patiala
Verified Buyer

Delivery Must be Prompt
Although your herbs and services are excellent, the delivery department still needs to improve. I received the package after changing the address three times. Delivery partners are hurting your business. I hope you will pay attention to this matter.
Soorya Gayathri Akula, Kolkata
Verified Buyer

Best One
I always got the best herbs from you. You answer all the related queries accurately. Giloy bought from you is thick and fragrant. Thanks.
Ganapathy Achari, Hyderabad
Verified Buyer

Good Consultancy
Your Herb Consultancy is very helpful. They were the ones who suggested Giloy to me and my cousin. I see considerable changes after using the herb. Thank you.
Soumyendra Babulal, Mysuru
Verified Buyer

Provide Samples
Please provide more samples of your herbs. We have to test everything first.
Pankti Gautam, Raipur
Verified Buyer

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Pack Contains 400 / 900 Grams of Original Giloy (Guduchi) Stem Powder. You Feel the Color and Exhale the Aroma. Divine..!

Like Every Herbs in Nature, these herbs May or Mayn’t Work on Your Skin. It Depends So Many Things. Your Diet, Lifestyle, Attitude… so on… Mother Earth Never Cure in a Day. It’s a Lifelong Process. The Only Thing We can Do is… TRUST… 

Yes. Your Diet Type Doesn’t Matter. Your Attitude Matter. 

According to various studies, There is none or least Known Side Effects of Using this herb. If you have any doubts on usage, WhatsApp us on +91 9747709272.

Being Nature is a Choice. You can Decide It. Once You Attain Your Beauty Goal, You can Go for Your Regular Creams and Toners, Or else Continue With the Magic of the herb.  

If you need to know other usages of this herb, please send a WhatsApp message to +91 9747709272. We are happy to help.  

Not Advisable for Children Under 9 Years Old. It’s a Unisex herb.

We are 90% honest

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Herb Collection No: 19 / 400 - 900 Grams

Pure Giloy Stem Powder from Kerala – Guduchi, Amrutha Balli, Tippa Teega

98 Offline Reviews | ✦✦✦✦✦


₹ 80 / 100 Grams

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