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380 Grams Herbs.Recipes series 3

Jatamansi Hair Growth Oil and Lotus Pollen Face Pack Combo

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No fancy words, No jargon… Nature will work!… Here’s your homemade remedy for Natural hair and skin dilemmas. Jatamansi and 26 Herbs Hair oil for hair care and Sacred Lotus Pollen Face Pack for skincare.

Our initiative is simple. Make your cosmetics in your own kitchen. We provide the best on-the planet herbs, in Raw form. No powder, no prepared combinations.

That clearly means no chemicals and preservatives. Only you and Nature. Meet the Glow!!!…

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Hair oil in the combo

190 gms

Hair growth oil with Jatamansi and 26 herbs - Mother's recipe

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Here we describe the homemade hair growth herbal hair oil recipe of Kerala. NO MAGICAL WORDS and NO IMMEDIATE RESULTS OFFERED, but we can ensure one thing. ONLY GOOD WILL HAPPEN to your hair.

→ We only provide 27 herbs in precise quantities to prepare the oil. You have to cook it in your own kitchen.

→ ‘Try our herbs’ will guide, how to cook the oil and how to use it for optimum consistency.

→ The best part is, you can see, smell, and feel the herbs inside the pack. Herb lovers can verify the authenticity of herbs.

→ This is the transparency we provide. Ours is an honest business.

→ The Hair Oil combination consists of 27 herbs, are highly seasonal, and is very rare to pick.

① Jatamansi and 26 herbs herbal oil combination is a home remedy for hair problems. It may grow more hair, and nourish hair roots.

② Ancient tribal of Western Ghats mountain range composed Jatamansi hair growth oil combination (Most of the herbs in the formula are only available around the Northern Marshlands of Kerala).

③ Traditional healers of Kerala gathered these herbs and provide us. We dried, pack and deliver it to you as fresh as it gets. Now we unveiling the home remedy for hair!!

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① Jatamansi and 26 herbs hair growth oil uses very rare and seasonal herbs from Wild Kerala. After cooking, the oil will have a good aroma. If you need more aroma, add Tea tree or Tulsi essential oil.

② You can touch, smell, and verify the authenticity of Herbs by experts or the Internet. Know more about Jatamansi.

③ Jatamansi hair growth oil is not a magical remedy for hair, but a traditional combination only.

① Jatamansi and 26 herbs hair growth herbal oil worth a try to grow more hair sprouts. It is ultra natural and free from every chemicals. 

② If you check the internet, can see our herb pricing is better than any of the vendors. ‘Try our herbs’ always give the principal price to our herb collecting people. After adding a small profit, we give you the best herbs at the best price. 

Herbs Locally sourced from Palakkad, Idukki, Wayanad – kerala

Hair type \ dry →  Frizzy → normal → curly

deal with \ Hair growth → Scalp cleansing → Dandruff → Greying → Dryness

objective \ Volume → Smooth → Cleanse → Shiny black

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→ 1: Unseal the pack

→ 2: Unpack the Jatamansi root and Grey Nicker nut which wrapped in aluminum foil

→ 3: Remove the shell of Grey Nicker nut

→ 4: Put all the Herbs in the bottle in a mixer grinder including De-shelled Grey Nicker nut

→ 5: Add some water into the herbs and make a herbal paste (Use Amla juice or Onion juice instead of water for better results)

→ 6: Add 1.5 Liters of oil to a cast iron pot and keep in mild flame (Can use any oil. Virgin Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Castor oil, and Argan oil are most preferred. Or else can use oil combinations. Total oil quantity must be 1.5 liter).

→ 7: Add the prepared herbal paste to the oil

→ 8: Cook for 30-45 minutes until all the water from the herbs get evaporated

→ 9: Filter the oil using a clean cotton cloth when the oil is in lukewarm condition

→ 10: Keep the oil in a glass jar, shake well before use.

○ Can use oil from the day after preparation.

○ Use thrice a week (1-0-1-0-1-0-0) for seven weeks (7 weeks X 3 days = 21 Days).

○ Pour a handful of oil (not much) and massage your scalp for 10 minutes.

○ Apply it on the scalp, not on the hair. This oil is a therapy for the scalp.

○ After 30 minutes of applying oil, Use a mild shampoo and cleanse the scalp well.

○ If you are familiar with that kind of application, you can use the oil overnight and wash it off next day morning.

○ Shelf life of dried herbs will be up to 9 months. Store in a cool and dry place. 

○ Shelf life of prepared oil is 1.5 years. Store in a glass or ceramic jar.

○ If you have any kind of plant allergy, avoid the herbal combinations. 

○ If you undergoing any kind of medication, ask your doctor before applying oil.

○ Before you do anything with home remedy stuffs, ask your physician. Your doctor’s opinion is very important. 



Strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth. giving glossy hair. From Wayanad, Kerala.

5 Grams

Dhawai Phool

Heal and repair scalp, thus Promote new hair buds. From Thrissur, Kerala.

10 Grams


It encourages new nair Sprouts through oxidation. From Alleppey, Kerala.

5 Grams


it can reduce nervousness and stress. From Wayanad, Kerala.

5 Grams


It Strengthens hair roots, Prevents baldness. From Kozhinjampara, Kerala. 

10 Grams

Blue Ginger

Perfect detergent effect for hair to remove the deep dirt. From Sultan Bathery, Kerala.

10 Grams

Maror Phali

The fatty acids of this herb prevent hair loss. From Palakkad, Kerala.

5 Grams

Kapur Kachri

Its anti-aging property feel hair very young. From Wayanad, Kerala.

5 Grams


Oxidizing hair roots and give the oil perfect aroma. From Salem, TN.

10 Grams

Pepper Mint

It treat dandruff cells and cleanse the scalp deeply. From Palakkad, Kerala. 

5 Grams


The antibacterial properties of Kalijiri may heal infections on the scalp. From Salem, TN.

5 Grams


God-given herb for hair. Thousands of advantages. From Thrissur, Kerala.

10 Grams

Nicker Bean

Revitalize hair and promote new hair growth. From Idukki, Kerala. 

10 Grams


It contains Pantheon which strengthens the hair. From Coorg, Karnataka.

5 Grams


It will give hair follicles nourishment on every use. From Palakkad, Kerala.

5 Grams

Jujube Fruit

By opening up the blocked pores it boost hair growth. From Marayur, Kerala. 

5 Grams


Ccontains Thiocyanate which prevents hair fall. From Alleppey, Kerala.

10 Grams


Provides natural Proteins, Vitamins, and other nutrients. From Chavakakd, Kerala.

10 Grams

Lotus Pollen

Prevent split ends and encourage fast hair growth. From Guruvayur, Kerala. 

5 Grams

Fever Grass

Rich in Mucilage which helps to soften the hair. From Wayanad, Kerala. 

5 Grams

Avaram Senna

Natural pH balancing and keep the scalp healthy. From Palakkad, Kerala.

10 Grams


Piperlongumine keeps the hair strong. From Palakkad, Kerala. 

10 Grams


It Cleanses Scalp. Thus Encourage new hair buds. From Wayanadu, Kerala. 

5 Grams


It opens hair roots. Act as an oxidating element. From Kazaragod, Kerala. 

5 Grams

Gokula kanta

Regular hair moisturizer, which cools hair always. From Idukki, Kerala. 

5 Grams


Alpha-hydroxy exfoliant cleanser effect. From Wayanad, Kerala. 

5 Grams

And the Mighty JATAMANSI

Jatamansi has stimulant and antispasmodic properties. The roots are also used for improving hair growth, increasing the luster of the hair and promoting growth, and increasing the blackness of the hair. From Nilgiri, Kerala-TN-Karnataka.

10 Grams

Face pack in the combo

190 gms

Natural glowing and fine toned skin with sacred lotus pollen face pack

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If there is a single herb that addresses all of your skin dilemmas, that’s Lotus Pollen. It delivers very effective results on Wrinkles, Age spots, acne, pigmentation, dryness, itching, and skin tone Fading. Lotus is a god-given gift in women’s skincare regime.

① Our Lotus Pollen face pack contains Sacred Lotus Pollen from 45 Lotus Flowers, 50 Gms of Haldi Chandan Powder (Red sandalwood Powder), and 50 Gms of Ashoka Tree powder. This healing combination is derived from the ancient healers of Kerala.

use in the mornings
As you know, Lotus is a Morning Flower. The Phytochemicals contained in the Lotus Pollen are very active in the Mornings. So, always, always, always use Lotus Pollen Face Pack in the Mornings. ‘The first thing after bed’, for surprising, good-looking results.

① Why Lotus Pollen? 

Lotus Pollen Purifies, whitens, Soothes, prevents Skin Aging, Exfoliates, gives ageless beauty, illuminate eyes… you name it…

② Why Red sandalwood and Ashoka?

Red sandalwood fights Skin acne and is great for pimples. It Cleanse Skin tone. Ashoka tree bark has perfect exfoliating properties and de-tan qualities.

① If use Ashoka with Lotus Pollen and Red Sandalwood, the heavenly combination gives eternal youth to your Skin.

② It will retrieve your childhood skin tone.

Guruvayur, Tirur →  Kerala

skin type \ dry →  mature → normal → oily

deal with \ Pigmentation → free radicals → impurities → acne → Uneven skin

objective \ Repair → cleanse → hydrate → glow

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Grind Lotus pollen in the pack. Mix it with other two powder herbs in the pack. Mix well. Store in a glass or ceramic bottle.

→ 1. Always, always, always use in the mornings.
→ 2. Take a spoonfull of mixed facepack powder and mix it with honey and raw milk.
→ 3. Apply it to skin upward direction with a smooth scrubbing effect. Do it for 3 to 7 minutes.
→ 4. Wash it after 12 to 35 minutes.
→ 5. Always store the face pack powder in a cool and dry place.

○ If you have any kind of plant allergy, avoid the herbal combinations. 

○ If you undergoing any kind of medication, ask your doctor before applying oil.

○ Before you do anything with home remedy stuffs, ask your physician. Your doctor’s opinion is very important. 

Benefits of Lotus

It Purifies

When you start using lotus Pollen on the skin, you will notice a minimized appearance of your pores and your face feeling more fresh and vibrant.

It whitens

Lotus Pollen reduces pigmentation, lightens discoloration, eliminates blemishes, and evens skin tone. It stimulates melanocytes to produce melanosomes for preferable fair skin color.

It Soothes

The lotus Pollen has an uber natural divine moisture that conditions and hydrates the skin, 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. You only need to use this herb once a week for week-long hydration.

It prevents Skin Aging

Lotus Pollen is rich in Vitamin C, Enriched minerals, and activated carbons.

It Exfoliates

Lotus Pollen has natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate and thus restore a youthful look.

It gives ageless beauty

The proteins in lotus pollen help firm and tightens your skin. So, after 7 days of use, age-defining properties will commence working.

It illuminates eyes

It’s especially wonderful in an eye cream as it helps to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.

Benefits of Ashoka

Perfect Skin Herb

Ashoka Tree powder contains all secondary metabolites like alkaloids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and saponins. As per Sahasrayoga and Ashtanga hrudaya Ashoka give skin radiance. It is a skin conditioner and have de-tan qualities. 

Benefits of Haldi Chandan

Fights Skin Acne

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for pimples. Haldi Chandan lightens skin complexion. It treats skin and keeps wrinkles away. Haldi Chandan has Amazing exfoliating properties.

Why Our Ingredients are better?

◐ We sourced all herbs in this combination locally. Not farmed but collected from the wilderness. All are purely organic and rich in essential oils and antioxidants. Our drying process helps the herb to lock all the goodness inside.

◐  We only pick our herbs according to demand.

◐ As you know, we are a small batch cottage industry based in Kerala, we never use any kind of preservatives in herbs.

◐ We, tryourherbs.com is a small batch herbs company, and we have no lotus fields and large ponds at all. But we collect the best Lotus Pollen in Asia from Guruvayur and Tirur, Kerala. Our herb collectors collect the Pollen early morning and dry it the same day it is harvested. Thus we ensure the flower power is locked in.

◐ We ensure the best quality Ashoka tree bark from Wayanad. Through sustainable bark scratching, we ensure the tree health and quality of the herb.

◐ We regulated our supply of Red Sandalwood powder through authorized sources and ensure it is legally sourced according to the forest and wildlife act.

ethical plant resourcing

◑ Our Plant Picking People are our Prime Asset and Investment.

◑ These Tribal People are Wise, They Know How to Pick a Plant Part for Medicine.

◑ They Never Destroy the full Plant. They Took Only What They Need. 

Drying the Herb Takes All

◒ We Never Air Dry the Herbs.

◒ Plant Pickers Dry the Herbs on Hot Rocks of Western Ghats Valley.

◒We Never Dump Herbs in Dusty, Mouldy Warehouses. We Dry Herbs According to Demand.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Two packs in this combo 1. Jatamansi and 26 herbs packs – contains 27 varieties of herbs in raw form. 2. Lotus Pollen face pack – 90 Grams of lotus pollen from 40 flowers, 50 Grams of Ashoka powder, and 50 Grams of Haldi Chandan powder. You feel the color and exhale the Aroma. Divine..!

Like Every Herbs in Nature, these herbs May or Mayn’t Work on Your Skin. It Depends So Many Things. Your Diet, Lifestyle, Attitude… so on… Mother Earth Never Cure in a Day. It’s a Lifelong Process. The Only Thing We can Do is… TRUST… 

Yes. Your Skin Type Doesn’t Matter. Your Attitude Matter. 

According to various studies, There is none or least Known Side Effects of Using this herb. If you have any doubts on usage, WhatsApp us on +91 9747709272.

Being Nature is a Choice. You can Decide It. Once You Attain Your Beauty Goal, You can Go for Your Regular Creams and Toners, Or else Continue With the Magic of the herb.  

If you need to know other usages of this herb, please send a WhatsApp message to +91 9747709272. We are happy to help.  

Not Advisable for Children Under 9 Years Old. It’s a Unisex herb.

We are 90% honest

We Are Plant Pickers
1 %

Tryourherbs.com is a Small Batch Herbal Basics Company From Palakkad, Kerala. Palakkad is known as The Gateway of Nilgiris, Blue Mountains of Western Ghats Range. We have no products in our inventory. We only have solutions. 

What We Do
1 %

Our Forefathers do This Job. They Wandering Western Ghats Wilderness, Pick Herbs and sell at Our Country Medicine Shop. Now, Our Fourth Generation Expanded the Herb Selling in Digital Platforms.

What We Offer
1 %

Nowadays, Only Tribal People are Authorised to Collect these Precious Herbs. We Partnered with their Co-operative Societies, thus We Get Best Herbs in the Planet.

Where We Focus
1 %

Ayurveda is a Global Phenomenon. But, the Combinations and Recipes of Pure Ayurveda sometimes widely misused for Unethical Profit. Here, We Introduced Our Family Motto. “Make Ayurvedic Preparations at Your Home Kitchen”. So, We Provide Herbs and Recipes. You do the Rest. Make 100% Sure About Your Results.

If you made a decision, own the herb, it worth a try...

380 Grams Herbs.Recipes series 3

Jatamansi Hair Growth Oil and Lotus Pollen Face Pack Combo

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Our Alltime Best Seller Hair Oil Herbs are Collected from Western Ghats Valley of Kerala 


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Fresh Stock Sale. Lotus Collected From Guruvayur and Tirur, Kerala

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